Nava Shakthi is a dance drama in Indian classical Style dance called Bharatnatyam.

It is a performance highlighting the empowerment of women through storytelling. The performane is the story of the nine avatars of a powerful goddess and how she fights to overcome evil. The three hour choreographed performance will include students and experienced dancers from our school and is directed by Founder/Guru of Amudhasri Dance School, Guru Kalaimangai Anbalagan.
The event will also serve as a fundraiser to raise money for The Genesis Foundation which is a non-profit organization based in Boston helping children with genetic disorders, rare diseases and disabilities. We would be honored if you can present the funds collected from the school event to a representative from The Genesis Foundation to kick off the event.


8th September 2019


J.Everett Collins Center,100 Shawsheer Rd Andover,MA 01810

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